Ikeda Ayane is born in august 1990 in Osaka, Japan.

A summer child who has a strong character, love animals and also the ocean that can make her feel free.

She started singing when she was 17 and decided to be a professional singer when she was 20 and realized it was the best way to make people feel free and happy around her using her passion and love for music.

  • April, 2010 before making her debut, FM Yokohama tooks her as an assistant on the  program『Pandra-x』.

At the same time on a Japanese audience based broadcasting channel TJS in Los Angeles she receives positive feed back due to her “real” Osaka accent and personality.

  • October, 2010 her work in『Pandra-x』was recognized and she becomes an assistant MC for NACK5’s (AM/FM number 1 program in any time zone at the time) 『GoGoBESTAR』. Receives positive feed back again with her “voice” of jolly laughter.
  • April, 2011 She was assigned to FM Yokohama’s program『Most Happy Travelers』with 6th generation Yanagiya Kosan and reached out to a wide range of listeners.

After theTohoku earthquake she has gone on stages as a MC and singer bringing strength to the victims of the disaster. Her cute, high toned and deep velvet voice has attracted many people.

  • In October 2011 She released her first album「抱~キミがいた所~」with VICTOR.
    The same year she becomes the main MC reaching out to students and same aged listeners with her “voice”.
  • April, 2013 becomes the MC of a children’s show 『Alowana』
  • May, 2013 NicoLive, Ustream starts streaming『Ikeda Ayane’s Stay Strong』on WebTV with various guests on the show.
  • In November 2013 she released her 2nd album「翼~ U can fly away~/One Lovewith Universal Music Japan.
  • Since 2014, she had been singing for various public and private events in Tokyo and Osaka in clubs, live house and also hotel (ANA Hotel, Peninsula Tokyo Hotel) and also
  •  In July 2015, she was singing at the Japan Expo, biggest japanese culture related event in europe, as guest for Japan Runway a fashion show presenting the japanese brands MOUSSY, SLY and Rienda from Baroque Japan.

At the moment she is working her new single which will be recorded in Paris and Tokyo for a special collaboration with a french music label and release in 2016 in Japan.